Career Transition Programmes

Career Transition Programmes

POLWEL has been assisting retiring and retired SPF and Home Team officers in their career transition through the provision of a wide scope of programmes. These initiatives include learning advisory services, skills certification training courses, workplace attachment programmes, job-matching services, etc.
Learning Advisory Services

The Learning Advisory Service is an exclusive programme to help retiring SPF and Home Team officers identify their skills and training needs.

With the assistance of POLWEL’s Learning Ambassador, participants will:

  • Undergo three personalised consultation sessions (each 45 minutes) to identify the relevant training needs.
  • Receive recommendations on suitable courses and programmes that will serve future career needs.
  • Set learning goals and action plans for a successful career transition.
Career Transition Workplace Attachment Programme

The Career Transition Workplace Attachment Programme (CTWAP) aims to provide officers with the opportunities to explore job roles which may be suitable for their second career. Through the CTWAP, officers are given the platform to undergo attachment at the workplace to observe (where possible, to also have hands-on experience) and gain a better understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of the job position over a period of 5 to 10 working days.

Pre-Retirement Employment Programme

The Pre-Retirement Employment Programme (PREP) is an initiative extended to retiring SPF and Home Team officers to secure a job with POLWEL for their second career and assimilate into the new role even before their retirement date. Officers on PREP will benefit from the following:

  • Tap on relevant experience to reskill in taking on a new job role
  • Job security before retirement
  • Reduce uncertainties for career change

Various job positions within POLWEL are available for application through PREP. In particular, the PREP-Assessor Role Emplacement (PREP-ARE) programme offers retiring officers the opportunity to join POLWEL Approved Assessment Organisation (AAO) as a full-time assessor.