POLWEL Members Survey


Conducted in June 2023, the POLWEL Members Survey returned with responses from about 500 members which has achieved a 95% confidence level for the survey outcomes. The survey has helped POLWEL to better understand members’ experiences, perceptions and satisfaction levels, and more importantly, to follow up on action plans based on the identified strengths and areas for improvement.

Members’ Satisfaction with POLWEL

4 out of 5

Members Satisfaction Rating


Members will refer their colleagues and friends to procure products and services from POLWEL.


Members deemed that their needs were “Well” and “Extremely Well” met by POLWEL’s range of services.

Members’ Perceptions of POLWEL


Members recalled hearing people around them talking about POLWEL

Police Gifts and Souvenirs

Police Welfare

Fixed Deposits

Top 3 associations that come to mind when members hear of POLWEL

Framed Badges of Past to Present SPF Vehicles is the most remembered welfare gift received by members

Members’ Knowledge of POLWEL

  • YES, I KNOW 41.1% 41.1%
  • I SOMEWHAT KNOW 33.2% 33.2%
  • NO, I DON’T KNOW 25.7% 25.7%

There are differences in benefits between POLWEL Ordinary Membership and POLWEL Associate Membership

  • YES, I KNOW 50.0% 50.0%
  • I SOMEWHAT KNOW 23.1% 23.1%
  • NO, I DON’T KNOW 26.9% 26.9%

Ordinary Police Central Welfare Fund (PCWF) Members are automatic shareholders and Ordinary Members of POLWEL

  • YES, I KNOW 17.2% 17.2%
  • I SOMEWHAT KNOW 24.3% 24.3%
  • NO, I DON’T KNOW 58.5% 58.5%

POLWEL channels back 20.6% of its annual net surpluses to PCWF to advance the welfare of members

What Members Are Saying?

Carry on the good work!

Some of your gifts like the float are beautiful and very well liked, pls create more of those! Good job 🙂

I appreciate the efforts in providing welfare to us.

Might want to hold regular intro talks for new officers to know more about what POLWEL does or has to offer.

Broadcast job offer for those PO near retiring to consider. Most of the time, it’s hearsay that Polwel has good job opportunities, salary scale & flexibility in working hrs. Thank u for supporting our PO.

More publicity and engagement with members.


At POLWEL, your feedback matters. We are committed to making positive changes based on your valuable insights. We will:

Increase publicity and outreach efforts

Expand product and service offerings

Improve communication with members

“You serve the community, we serve you.”