Projects Portfolio

Current and past projects undertaken by POLWEL’s Business & Employment Services Division (BESD) are listed below:

Enforcement Support and Inspections

  • Conduct of WorkRight Inspections (on employment rights)
  • Conduct of Foreign Manpower Related Enforcement Inspections
  • Conduct of Safe Management Measures (SMM) Inspections for Marine and Process Sectors
  • Conduct of Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Inspections
  • Conduct of SMM Inspections for General Workplaces
  • Inspection of Services for Health Programmes
  • Conduct of Field Inspections on Use of Premises
  • Inspection of Optometrists and Opticians
  • Field Audit of Grassroots Organisation Activities

Security Audits / Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)

  • Provision of Audit Assessment Services for Security Agencies Grading Exercise
  • Conduct of Audits and Inspections for the Known Consignor Regime
  • Conduct of Physical Security Audits on Public and Private Hospitals
  • Conduct of Audits on Security Outcome Based Contracts
  • Conduct of Hotel Security Audits and TVRA
  • Conduct TVRA and Develop Security Protection Plan for Ministry Buildings

Investigation and Prosecution Support

  • Deployment of Qualified Personnel to Conduct Specific Aspects of Prosecutorial Work
  • Provision of Investigative Services for Unmanned Aircraft Related Offences
  • Deployment of Investigation Officers for Clearance of Investigation Papers
  • Deployment of Investigation Officers to Verify Case Properties
  • Deployment of Personnel to Perform Contact Tracing Duties
  • Provision of Investigative Services for Internal Disciplinary Cases
  • Deployment of Investigation Officers to Clear Crime Folders
  • Provision of Investigative Support Services
  • Provision of Clerical Support for Prosecution Cases
  • Deployment of Foreign Interpreters to Facilitate Investigations

Assessment and Invigilation Services

  • Conduct of Assessments for Investigation Courses (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Provision of Practical Based Assessment for Police Officers (Basic Course) and Ground Response Force Officers
  • Conduct of Assessment for Scenario-Based Tests for Police Officers
  • Conduct of Assessments for Police Integrated Scenario-Based Training
  • Provision of Invigilation and Audit Services for IPPT, Law and Shooting Tests
  • Provision of Law Examination Development and Marking Services
  • Provision of Independent Assessment Services for Trainers Certification Framework
  • Provision of Role Play and Scriptwriting Services for Promotion Interview Assessments
  • Deployment of Range Warden and Independent Range Auditor for Shooting Tests
  • Provision of Role Players for Scenario-Based Training and Assessment
  • Provision of Role Players for High Potential Commanders Prep Course Assessment
  • Provision of Role Players for Crisis Management Exercises
  • Development of Assessment Plan for Policing Competency Courses
  • Development of MCQ Assessment for Policing Competency Courses

Training-Related Services (supported by Professional Development & Career Services Division)

  • Development and Conduct of Training and Command Post Exercises for Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness (SGSecure)
  • Facilitation of the Community Response Roundtable (CRRT) Programme
  • Deployment of Personnel to Conduct Tactical Training / Firearms Training Services
  • Deployment of Personnel to Manage Tactical Training Facilities
  • Conduct of Assessor Accreditation Course
  • Provision of Evidence Act Training
  • Provision of Customised Training for Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and Evidence Act
  • Provision of Contract Law Training
  • Provision of Corporate Training (Leadership, Team Building, Psychometric Profiling, Critical Thinking, Project Management, Presentation Skills, etc)
  • Development of Crisis Management Training Programme for Emergency Wardens
  • Deployment of Programme Leaders for Induction Programme for Senior Officers
  • Provision of Debt Management Group Coaching Sessions
  • Development of Parade and Ceremonies Training Handbook

Specialised Manpower Solutions

  • Deployment of IT Project Managers for Homefront Security Projects
  • Deployment of Personnel to Manage Duty Room Operations
  • Deployment of Telephone Operators for Special Operational Requirements
  • Deployment of Manpower to Assist in COVID-19 Related Operations Work
  • Deployment of Personnel for Parliament Proceedings and Other Support Services
  • Deployment of Driver for VIP
  • Deployment of Marine Engineer for Coastal Operations
  • Deployment of Personnel to Provide Anti-Scam Advisory
  • Deployment of Personnel to Provide Student Detention Supervision Services
  • Deployment of Guides for Tour of Police Training Facilities
  • Deployment of Personnel for School Operations and Disciplinary Matters
  • Deployment of Personnel for License Processing and Licensing System
  • Deployment of Para-Counsellor for Students
  • Deployment of Personnel to Provide Receptionist and Advisory Services

Other Support Programmes

  • Management of Swab Isolation Facilities at Tuas and Kranji
  • Deployment of Safe Distancing Ambassadors at Foreign Worker Recreation Centres
  • Provision of Services for Financial Support Programmes (Leave of Absence Support Programme / Temporary Housing Support Programme / FDW SHN Support Programme)
  • Conduct of Outreach and Engagement on SGSecure@Workplaces Programme
  • Marketing and Disbursement of Funding Support for Enterprise Training Support Programme