Board of Directors


The control of the affairs of the Society is entrusted to a Board of Directors comprising senior officers from the
Singapore Police Force and other Home Team departments. The President of POLWEL is the
Commissioner of Police.

Officers are nominated by the Commissioner of Police and elected by POLWEL members at
Annual General Meetings to form the Board of Directors for 2-year terms.





Mr Keeve Chan

Chief Operating Officer

Ms Goh Leng Hong

Director, Corporate Development

Mr Lee Zhengwei

Head, Business Development

Mr Stanley Huang

Head, Business & Technology

Ms Sharyne Tee

Manager, Finance

Mr Anthony Chay

Manager, Business & Employment Services Division

Ms Sywell See

Manager, Professional Development & Career Services

Ms Phebe Kwek

Asst Manager, Financial Services

Ms Jolyn Hoe

Asst Manager, HR & Admin

Ms Winny Soong

Asst Manager, Marketing & Business Support

Mr Poh Wei Yi

Asst Manager, Technology Development