Professional Development Competency Model

Thoughtfully designed for learners by POLWEL’s Professional Development & Career Services Division (PDCS), the Professional Development Competency Model (PDCM) serves as a comprehensive colour-coded guide to a menu of customised learning solutions offered by PDCS. Besides providing a holistic view of essential skills to nurture, PDCM streamlines the process of comparing and selecting the right course, enabling learners to navigate it in multiple directions. Selecting courses that feature strongest in the same colour-code will empower learners to grow the identified skills, truly making learners’ development journey their way!


    • Leverages on own strengths, values feedback for personal growth and development
    • Actively seeks out life long learning opportunities; seeking purpose, vision and values
    • Commits to self-improvement and demonstrates resilience in learning

 Thinking Skills 

    • Makes sound and effective evaluation of information
    • Derives new insights to develop innovative plans
    • Organises deep thinking to develop roadmaps and effectively manage resources
    • Demonstrates ability to analyse problems and respond swiftly

 People Skills 

    • Listens actively and communicates effectively to influence views, share ideas and build relationships
    • Seeks and provides support to develop others and create a workplace culture of collaboration
    • Recognises and manages own emotions and those of others to overcome challenges, defuse conflicts and achieve positive outcomes

 Leadership Skills 

    • Makes informed choices as well as effective strategic, tactical, and operational decisions to maximize the quality of their outcomes
    • Creates an environment of trust and respect that supports self-actualisation to develop staff and build teams
    • Adopts a conscious effort to cultivate leadership presence that reflects focus, clarity and compassion to guide change