As a Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certified organisation, we are actively cultivating trust among our staff and stakeholders, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining high data protection standards.

By attaining the DPTM certification, POLWEL has demonstrated good data protection practices:

Compliance with Data Protection Laws

POLWEL adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) guidelines.

Established Data Protection Policies

POLWEL implements comprehensive data protection policies governing the collection, usage, disclosure and retention of personal data.

Data Security Measures

POLWEL implements robust measures such as encryption, access controls and other security protocols to safeguard personal data against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

Training and Awareness

POLWEL provides thorough training to employees on their data protection responsibilities to ensure proper handling of personal data.

Incident Response and Breach Management

POLWEL establishes protocols for addressing data breaches, including timely reporting to authorities and affected individuals.