Klaire Chan

Klaire Chan

Klaire Chan

Associate Trainer


Klaire is an Associate Principal Trainer with the region’s leading training and organisational development consultancies. Her strength in being able to reach out and effectively engage participants from all sectors and levels has made her a distinctive facilitator and an endearing executive coach who cares and listens to understand.

Backed with more than two decades of challenging Corporate Communications and International Relations experience plus management skills training expertise, Klaire brilliantly puts her rich and intriguing corporate knowledge, field experience and honed communication skills to work when she facilitates consultation, coaching and training sessions.

Being the passionate, dedicated facilitator and coach that Klaire is, she has touched countless lives through her many workshops, inspired a wide spectrum of executives and forged amazing friendships since 2006.



The course made me have clear understanding of my weaknesses and strengths which I can use to engage or understand people better. I gained more confidence in dealing with people after the course.”

“Klaire is a skilled trainer and manages the class very well. She somehow knows to help learners understand themselves to improve. She is genuine and we can see she puts in a lot of effort to help.”

“Klaire Chan is a wonderful facilitator. She made the topic interesting and easy to absorb. The course was very well paced with regular breaks in between.”

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