To support the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and enhance the quality of life of Police Officers through the provision of relevant services and through contributions to PCWF to extend more benefits.

    Board of Directors

* The control of the affairs of the Society is entrusted to a Board of Directors comprising officers from the Singapore Police Force and other Home Team agencies.

    * The Commissioner of Police is the President of the Society and nominates officers to serve on the Board.
    Management Staff
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ms Maria Soh
    Director (Business Development)
    Mr Keeve Chan
    Head of Branch, Approved Assessment Organisation
    Ms Goh Leng Hong
    Asst Manager, HR & Admin

Ms Constance Neo

Asst Manager, Business & Employment Services

Lee Zhengwei

Asst Manager, Corporate Affairs

Andrea Chan
    The main element is constructed by an alphabet "W" to represent "Welfare". It is graphically constructed to signify two humans marching towards the same direction hand-in-hand to represent the unity between POLWEL & fellow officers. Strokes are used to highlight a trendy and young image.

Orange: The color of joy & happiness

    Dark Blue: The color of the police officers

Bank Gothic, the boldness of the texts as well as the sharp edges symbolizes, the edginess and modernism thus this suggest POLWEL moving ahead with the times.



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