Assessment-Only Pathway


The Assessment-Only Pathway (AOP) is an option for individuals who have developed the relevant skills, experience and knowledge but have never had them formally recognised. Without having to undergo formal training, candidates may achieve a Statement of Attainment (SOA) issued by the Singapore Workforce Development Authority (WDA) if they are assessed to be competent via the AOP.

In collaboration with WDA and the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD), POLWEL has introduced the Progressive Wage Model (PWM)-AOP to assist security agencies in meeting the Security PWM training requirements.

Security agencies may send their officers, who have the relevant work experience, to undergo assessment for the following modules:

    Senior Security Officer
     -  Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour (SE-SO-108E-1)
     -  Operate Basic Security Equipment (SE-SO-114E-1)

    Security Supervisor
Assess and Address Security Risks (SE-SO-302C-0)

With effect from November 2015, security agencies will be able to apply for 90% funding of the assessment fees paid for their officers (Singaporeans and PRs) who are assessed to be Competent for the above PWM-AOP modules. The funding by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) will be processed by POLWEL AAO on a reimbursement basis, and security officers will need to be enrolled before end April 2016 and complete the assessment before end July 2016 to qualify. Please download the fact sheet for information on the funding.

For more information / registration for PWM-AOP, security agencies may contact POLWEL AAO via email at

Watch video on ‘Introduction to Progressive Wage Model Assessment-Only-Pathway for the Security Industry

AOP (Licensing Modules)
Only individuals who are exempted from the training requirements by PLRD to be a licensed security officer or supervisor / private investigator may apply for AOP available for the following licensing modules:

   - Handle Security Incidents and Services (SE-SO-102C-1)
   - Provide Guard and Patrol Services (SE-SO-103C-0)
   - Supervise Security Officers (SE-SO-301C-0)
   - Perform Investigation Activities in Compliance with Legal Requirements (SE-SO-118E-0)

For more information / to apply for AOP, please download and complete the following forms:
   * Application Form
   * Self Assessment Checklist (please download the module which you are applying for):
            - SE-SO-102C-1
            - SE-SO-103C-0
            - SE-SO-301C-0
            - SE-SO-118E-0


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